February 2016


Dear Global Partnership for Afghanistan Friends and Supporters,


It is with a heavy heart that we report that GPFA, after 11 years of direct, highly successful operations in Afghanistan, has closed our offices and ceased operations.


People often ask if our investments have had a lasting impact. Are trees still standing?  Are farmers still working their land? The answer is a resounding yes.


11 Years, 30,000 Farm Businesses, 9 Million Trees


After more than a decade of work, some 30,000 farm businesses, nearly one-third owned by women, are generating enduring benefits from GPFA’s programs:  income, food, even confidence in the future from newfound agricultural and business training.  Some 9 million trees grace the landscape as a result of our work, enabled by funding from generous private donors and institutions committed to Afghanistan’s rural development. These trees form part of farmers' income-producing businesses.


We hope you are as proud as we are of our accomplishments and the return on your investments.  Thanks to our partners and donors, since 2004 we invested over $18.5 million resulting in an estimated $64 million in income to farm families.  The results: over 336,000 children, women and men in 2,500 villages across 14 provinces are benefiting from higher incomes, better nutrition, a healthier environment, and better farm practices, technical and business knowledge that farmers and our more than 300 former staff are using and transferring to others. All now are better equipped to enhance Afghanistan's economic growth and stability.


GPFA's directors, former staff and the thousands of rural women, children and men who benefited from GPFA's work thank you for all you have done to support GPFA and our mission. I’m sure you share our deep concern about the future of Afghanistan and hope you will continue to support the Afghan people. We and they are most grateful to you and send our hopes and wishes for a peaceful future for all.


The Board of Directors

Global Partnership for Afghanistan

Contact:  info@gpfa.org