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Brief History

In 2002, a group of Afghan Americans and Americans in New York City small_farmfounded Global Partnership for Afghanistan (GPFA) to restore the country’s long tradition of cultivating trees on the farm to provide food and income. Today, more than 10,000 Afghans have flourishing orchards, woodlots, nurseries and vineyards.  Their livelihoods and lives have improved significantly through GPFA’s work with them.

Focus on Farmers

GPFA began its work with small farmers in Guldara District of the Shomali Plain, one hour north of Kabul. Many families had just returned from exile in neighboring countries to destroyed homes and devastated farmland. They needed help to revitalize their existing orchards, vineyards and woodlots and to plant new ones. Today GPFA is working in 12 provinces across budding_in_kapisaAfghanistan (see map), in horticulture, agroforestry, reforestation, vegetable production, water management and related activities.

Recently, GPFA has expanded its programs to establish larger commercial farms that help small farmers and landless people gain access to productive land and modern technology.  Developing fruit and vegetable storage facilities and providing farm-to-market support have been added to our scope.

Kabul Headquarters Guides Provincial Officesapple_training

Our program headquarters in Kabul also guides 7 provincial offices serving over 400 villages. Our staff of over 140 Afghan program officers, extensionists and village facilitators work with local communities and farmers to develop sustainable horticulture and farm forestry enterprises that enhance rural livelihoods and alleviate poverty. A small office in New York City provides administrative support and financial oversight.

Tree House Supports Practical Education, Innovation

From its inception, GPFA has been committed to training and building the capacity of Afghan farmers, agricultural universities and research institutions. In 2008, GPFA created the Tree House Training Center in Guldara, an Afghan-run center of excellence in farm forestry, horticulture and entrepreneurship.  At the Tree House, GPFA hosts demonstration projects, training workshops and partnership activities with experts and other institutions. The Tree House supports the development of quality planting stock, productive orchard and woodlot enterprises, producer associations, low-cost irrigation, and market and credit access.

Afghan NGO and US Non-Profit Organization

GPFA became a certified tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization in 2002 and has been registered as a non-governmental organization in Afghanistan since 2003.

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