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GPFA in Brief

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See and hear about GPFA’s work as reported on CNN World View.


Global Partnership for Afghanistan helps rural Afghans alleviate poverty, build sustainable livelihoods and restore their environment. More…tree_distribution

The Need

In the 1970s, Afghanistan was self-sufficient in food production and a major exporter of dried fruit and nuts. Now the country ranks as one of the world’s poorest countries; war, deforestation and drought have resulted in loss of agricultural livelihoods, hunger, high rates of child mortality and dependency on food aid. More…


Through GPFA’s programs, an investment of boys_in_orchardjust several thousand dollars can jumpstart an Afghan family’s orchard, nursery or woodlot business. With a package of tree stock, seeds, training and supplies from GPFA, farmers invest their land and labor to produce higher annual incomes from selling vegetables, cuttings and saplings.  Within 2-7 years, newly planted fruit, nut and forestry trees will yield increasing income and, upon maturity, provide enough revenue to lift an Afghan farm family out of poverty—for good. More…sakina

Partnerships and Projects

Global Partnership for Afghanistan is supported by a broad range of Global Partners and organizations dedicated to restoring a future for Afghan families through tree-based enterprises. Individuals, community groups, foundations, corportions and civic groups have contributed to help Afghan men and women plant new trees, build tree businesses or seed new initiatives. Learn about our Global Partners and how you can help too.

The US and other governments, international agencies and institutions have partnered with GPFA to support multi-year projects targeted at enhancing Afghanistan’s horticultural and forestry industries, community revitalization, and livelihoods and capacity development. These multi-faceted projects have improved livelihoods for thousands of Afghans. More…

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