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Afghan Government and Communities

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As an Afghan NGO staffed by Afghans, GPFA is deeply committed to working in partnership with communities and government–from village and district shuras and Community Development Councils (CDCs) to provincial and national governments and agencies. Our projects begin with extensive consultation at the community level.

Afghan National Environmental Protection Agency Supports Community Reforestation

Qalai Qazi is a village in Sayed Abad District, Wardak Province, of roughly 1,000 people or 180 families. It is a poor region and, like much of Afghanistan, the land is rocky and barren from conflict, drought, overgrazing, and desperate villagers collecting fodder and firewood. Through the support of the Afghan National Environment Protection Agency, GPFA and local farmers set out to restore the land and its capacity to sustain life. In keeping with GPFA’s approach to development work, a core objective was to train the community in sustainably managing the woodland area.

Read more about the working forest in Qalai Qazi Village here.

Transforming the Mohammad Agha District Center in Logar Province

GPFA is transforming the Mohammad Agha District Center in Logar Province, Afghanistan. In consultation with District Governor Abdul Hamid Hamed, village Shura councils and local people from the surrounding areas, GPFA is reimagining the role of the Agha Center in public life by increasing its capacity to deliver services and encouraging outreach to the community.

Read more about GPFA’s work in the Agha District Center here.

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