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Clinton Global Initiative

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In 2008, GPFA far exceeded its 2006 Clinton Global Initiative commitment to tree_house_welcomelaunch 100 commercially viable orchard and woodlot businesses to provide support to farm families in Afghanistan. By 2008 GPFA had launched 9000 farmer-owned tree businesses in 300 Afghan villages.  Then GPFA built on that success, committing to create the Tree House Training Center, an Afghan-run center of excellence for agriculture training and enterprise development. By 2014, GPFA had launched 30,000, farmer owned businesses in 2500 Afghan villages, 9,400 of which are women-owned.

Tree House Training Center for Farm Forestry and Horticulture

GPFA created the Tree House to guide the knowledge, skills and ability of Afghans to develop farm forestry and horticulture enterprises and enhance their productivity, helping rebuild these vital sectors of Afghanistan’s economy. The Tree House training and demonstration center is expanding the number of farmer-owned tree-based enterprises by bringing new technologies and approaches.paktya_gardez_gpfa_staff_training

Tree House Goals

  • develop best practices and disseminate them along with lessons learned from the experience of GPFA and others;
  • provide facilities, workshops and seminars for training of extensionists, student interns and private farmers from across the country;
  • provide trainees and interns access to a full range of tree-based enterprises through contacts with GPFA farmers;
  • conduct farmer field schools and exchange programs;
  • network with universities and leading national and international institutions;
  • provide farmers access to credit, quality plant materials, farm supplies and new technologies that increase production and improve profits.

See and hear Board Chair Dana Freyer’s report to the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in September 2008 and President Clinton’s response.

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