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Hundreds of individuals and groups have helped GPFA through their gifts of time, money and resources. As a result, Afghan families have rebuilt their livelihoods. Here are just a few examples.

Shakira Niazi and Salvare La Vita Water, Facilitating Global Access to Clean Drinking Water

Lack of clean water is a dire global concern – one that results in over 3 million deaths per year across the globe. Shakira Niazi founded Salvare La Vita Water, a water company known for its biodegradable bottles, to help address the issue of lack of clean drinking water; profits are designated to help build wells around the world. Every bottle of La Vita Water provides access to clean drinking water to a person in need for up to a year. In 2011, La Vita Water and GPFA joined forces to bring clean dirnking water to families in need in Afghanistan. During the past three years (2011-2013) the partnership has built 13 wells, benefiting nearly 13,000 Afghans. We kicked off 2014 with two new well projects, which will benefit an additional 585 people in two Afghan villages.

Janet Ketcham Helps Jump-Start Village Tree-Based Enterprises

boy_with_cuttingsThough the Clinton Global Initiative, Janet Ketcham learned about GPFA’s work in tree-based enterprises. She generously provided support to establish 40 hybrid poplar woodlots with women and men in Farza District, Kabul Province. In 2010, women farmers generously donated cuttings to their neighbors, establishing 20 more woodlots. Thus Janet’s investment has multiplied. Janet Ketcham’s renewed support in 2010 has also created over 200 new vegetable gardens for women, two greenhouses and two underground storage facilities.

Click here to read a report on the Ketcham Woodlots.

Anonymous Donor Delivers Tree Stock to Grow Livelihoods

After a year of trials of U.S. grown hybrid poplars in its Guldara District demonstration nurseries, GPFA saw great potential to help Afghan farmers by providing cuttings to propagate these ultra-fast-growing trees. An anonymous donor funded the import and transport from the U.S. of 40,000 cuttings that were immediately planted in farmers’ fields and nurseries as well as GPFA’s production nurseries. These cuttings have now produced some four million poplar trees.

Soroptimist Club–From Garden Grove to Kabul

When professional women in Garden Grove, CA gathered to do good works in their community and the world, they decided to help Afghan women. As one of the first contributors to our Women Helping Women program, the Soroptimists were pioneers in an watering_cansinitiative that now helps hundreds of Afghan female farmers launch orchard, nursery and farm forestry businesses.

Alabama Landscape Manager Cultivates New Skills for Afghan Women

When Dothan, Alabama’s Horticulturist Nancy Walker read about Afghanistan’s scorched forests, orchards and farmlands in February 2006, she knew she had to help. By April, she was on a plane to Kabul to train GPFA female farmers in horticulture.
Encountering shy veiled grandmothers and mothers with young children who had never worked outside the walls of family gardens, Nancy dug her hands into the soil and taught them how to cultivate saplings and vegetables. She returned in 2007 to follow up with her protégés and to train new recruits. To her delight, the female farmers had successfully applied many of her techniques. “They seemed much more confident with their new skills,” reported Walker. “There were often three generations of women learning, working and teaching together. It was wonderful to see their lives forever changed. That’s what GPFA is all about.”

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