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United States Agency for International Development

GPFA and USAID Partner to Support Poplar Woodlot Enterprises

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USAID awarded a two-year grant (2006-2008) to the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development (CIIFAD) and GPFA to support a joint Poplar Woodlot Enterprise Project. The project integrated technical skills,logor_man_grapesenterprise development, and farm-to-market linkages as well as community-based natural resource management practices. An extension through 2009 included other sorting_appleshorticultural projects.

Revitalizing Grape and Raisin Production

Beginning in 2004, GPFA served as an implementing partner in a three-year USAID project to increase farmer knowledge and productivity of grapes and raisins in Guldara and Farza districts of Kabul Province for the Roots for Peace Consortium. Our extensionists directly trained 600 farmers and extended outreach to 2,600 family farms through field seminars. Grape production increased by 50% in Guldara over the prior year and more than 120% in Farza.

Developing Commercial Orchards

GPFA joins with other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to implement projects. Our expertise benefits farmers and their livelihoods. Under a USAID sub-contract arrangement with Roots of Peace, GPFA will recruit farmers from Paktya and Paktika Provinces interested in establishing commercial orchards on new land during 2010-2011.  A total of 2,000 hectares of new land is to be planted by GPFA farmers in these two provinces over the project period. The project will support the establishment of a GPFA program office in Paktika Province.

CERF (US Commanders Emergency Relief Fund)

Working in partnership with CERF-funded Agribusiness Development Teams and Provincial Reconstruction Teams, GPFA has helped farmers develop tree-based businesses from farm to market.

Supporting Women’s Vegetable Gardens

GPFA is empowering rural women in Panjshir Province with skill training and materials needed to produce sufficient fruit and vegetables to provide for their families and sell in local markets. Staff  have worked with local women to establish 70 fruit tree orchards in all 7 districts of Panjshir Province.  In addition, 350 women have established vegetable gardens. GPFA staff helped integrate all 420 participants into local markets.tending_woodlot

Training Paktya and Paktika Nursery Growers’ Association

GPFA staff is helping establish 30 quality nurseries—10 in Paktika and and 20 in Paktya Provinces—to supply 100,000 quality saplings per year for two years for the expansion of commercial orchards in these two provinces. In addition, GPFA will help establish and/or upgrade producer associations as well as provide training and staff support for the two-year project period.

Tagab Cold Storage Cellarsgul_mullah_children

GPFA is helping farmers construct 24 underground cold stores (root cellars) in the Tagab Valley in Kapisa and Parwan Provinces.  GPFA is working with local shuras to validate their interest in constructing stores, inspecting and validating proposed sites, building and contracting the building of cold stores. Such facilities, shared by several farmers, allow produce sales to be spread over a longer period of time and can increase income by 150%.vegetables

Improving Water in Wardak Province

GPFA is assisting shuras in four Wardak Province villages to implement small projects that increase supplies of water for irrigating crops and trees and ultimately enhance livelihoods through reforestation and tree-based enterprises.

Germany: Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (BMZ facilitated by GTZ)

Poplar Woodlots, Willow Farms and Nurseries in Paktya Province

As part of a three-phase project, GPFA worked with 25 farmers to establish privately-owned poplar woodlots, willow farms, and forestry nurseries; an kapisa_woodlotadditional 300 men and women farmers established agroforestry (mixed tree) farms. Following farm forestry demonstrations and field visits and study tours for farmers and extensionists, GPFA provided plant materials and supplies, supported farmers with on-farm training and technical assistance, and helped to establish producer associations to develop markets for their produce and encourage self-help initiatives by their members.

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