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8,000 Trees—A Refuge from Ruins

Once refugees fleeing their home “like barbarians in the wilderness,” Rabia and her family now have 8,000 poplar trees delivering income and hope.


Training Woman to Woman--Changing Lives

Fatima Sardar, manager of GPFA’s Women’s Programs, needs only to think of her own achievements when imagining the potential of Afghan women in the workforce.


Apple Grower

GPFA orchard entrepreneur Karima mobilized her community to build fruit storage to increase income from their apple orchards. GPFA’s simple underground stores can improve farmer’s revenues by 150 percent or more.


Nursery Entrepreneur

Nursery growers across Afghanistan struggle with a dire shortage of quality stock. Now buyers travel from afar to buy saplings from Merwais, grown with GPFA’s high quality apricot and almond budwood and technical training.


Apple Orchard Entrepreneur

With GPFA’s help and training, Hamida worked with her calloused hands to revive her dying apple orchard and family income. Now she and her husband support 16 family members with her 200 apple trees.

Azzim and Haroun

Poplar Growers

Azzim: “These trees are my life. With this kind of short-term profit and more revenue when trees are harvested, there was no need to even consider poppies, with all the problems they bring.”


Orchard Entrepreneur Participating in GPFA Storage Solution

Orchard entrepreneur Khalid grows his income with the help of GPFA’s low-tech tools and crates to sort and grade fruit. New, GPFA-sponsored underground storage holds now his crated fruit to sell at higher prices.

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