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Apple Grower

Fruit Storage for a Community

karimaKarima has tended a half-acre orchard in Paktya province for most of her life. Her husband, five teenage daughters and two small sons work alongside her, each with a task to perform. Well known in her village for her high-quality fruits and vegetables, Karima was selected to participate in GPFA’s orchard revitalization program. With planting materials and training from GPFA, Karima is boosting production by ridding her orchard of harmful insects and disease.

Neighbors Form Association for Market Power

In 2008, Karima mobilized her community to offer otherwise unusable land for the construction of a GPFA cold-storage facility for fruit and vegetables. As a result, she and 25 neighboring farmers no longer have to accept the low prices that traders offer at the height of the harvest season. Instead, they are able to store their crops until supplies are lower and prices are higher. Karima and her fellow growers have also increased their market power by forming a producers’ association that will allow them to share resources, skills and the latest technologies. “By joining together in this way,” she said, “we can send representatives to our national association and participate in the affairs of our country that have an immediate impact on our lives.”

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